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Lead Poisoning 101

Lead poisoning causes learning disabilities, mental retardation, and other serious health problems. Reinvestment Partners knows that's why prevention is key! If you're pregnant or have young children, get a lead poisoning test today.

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4 Reasons Lead is Dangerous to Children and Pregnant Women

  • Lead is a poison.
  • Lead can cause learning disabilities, mental retardation, and other serious health problems.
  • There is no safe level of lead. Low levels of lead can harm children.
  • Lead is especially dangerous to children under 6, even in utero.

Lead Testing for Kids Under 6 and Pregnant Women

4 Ways Children and Pregnant Women Get Exposed to Lead

  • Lead is common in paint and solder found on pipes in homes built before 1978.
  • Dust and chips from paint inside and outside older homes are dangerous to children.
  • Sanding, scraping or heating old paint is dangerous to pregnant women.
  • Lead may be in imported products, including:

    - painted, plastic or metal toys and jewelry, ceramic dishes, and vinyl mini-blinds
    - traditional remedies or cosmetics, like Azarcon, Greta, and Kohl
    - candies and other “Toxic Treats” that contain lead

6 Tips to Keep Kids Safe From Lead

  • Wash children’s hands often with lots of soap and water.

    Not just wipes!

  • Clean floors and window sills with warm water and detergent. Use a HEPA vacuum to clean carpets.
  • Durham, NC residents only

  • Don't dry-sand or scrap old paint.

    Lay down plastic and spray the paint with water before scraping. Be sure to clean up any dust and paint chips.

  • Only use lead-free imported items:

    toys, jewelry, dishes, blinds, remedies, cosmetics, candies