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Healthy Homes 101

A healthy home is important for kids with asthma. Keep your home free from mold, pests, and harsh chemicals with these 7 simple tips from Reinvestment Partners.

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7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Healthy

  • Keep your house clean.

    Be sure to wash window sills and floors with warm water and detergent regularly. If possible, use a HEPA vacuum on carpets.

  • Keep your house free from pests, like bugs and rodents.

    Use baits and traps instead of harmful pesticides.

  • Ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have good batteries.
  • Reduce asthma triggers.

    Avoid the use of air fresheners, cleaning chemicals, and smoking indoors.

  • Wash pacifiers, bottles, toys, and stuffed animals when they fall on the floor.
  • Avoid and reduce mold.

    Repair water leaks from roofs, plumbing, drainage, etc.

  • Avoid using un-vented heaters.

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