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Reinvestment Partners' mission is to foster healthy and just communities by empowering people, improving places, and influencing policy. With your help we can make a difference. Learn more and get involved.

News & Notes

The historic Harriet Tubman YWCA building in Durham has been closed for years, but soon renovation will begin as it will be turned into affordable housing.

The nonprofit group, Reinvestment Partners, purchased the property and will be turning the historic building into 15 affordable studio apartments.

Durham community members met with elected officials on Monday to accept $1 million in community project funding toward renovating the Harriet Tubman YWCA into affordable housing.

"This is support that rewards initiative, and that rewards partnership and that rewards those that get their act together and decide what they're going to do in the community and get it done and that's the spirit here," Price said.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services today announced a major milestone in its innovative Healthy Opportunities Pilot program with 10 people who are members of managed care successfully receiving a food service delivered through NC Medicaid Managed Care.

The first referral for service was sent by Mission Health Partners on behalf of an NC Medicaid Managed Care member in Transylvania County to Reinvestment Partners, a statewide nonprofit organization. Reinvestment Partners provided the beneficiary family with food vouchers for fruits and vegetables.

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