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Photo of a person's left hand pointing to a block in a flow chart drawn in white chalk on a blackboard. The hand is centered in the photo and the flow chart moves in multiple directions with solid lines and arrows connecting rectangular boxes, all of whic

Who We Are

Danielle Custis

Danielle Custis

Danielle has over 20 years' experience in Customer Support, Process Improvement and Change Management. She's worked in Financial Services, Business Intelligence Software, Sales and Recruiting. She possesses a relentless drive to breakdown barriers that prevent  communication, understanding and learning retention. Bringing her business experience and education from East Carolina University, where she majored in Spanish and International Studies, Danielle is currently serving as the Participant Support Coordinator, supporting RP's Eat Well Food Prescription Program. When she's not working, Danielle enjoys writing, learning languages, painting, podcasting and spending time with loved ones - especially her sweet but precocious niece, Raelynn.