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Photo of a fountain pen laying on a piece of paper with three lines of script. The pen is gold and black, is approximately centered, and points down and to the left. The script is to the left of the pen.

What We Do

Stephanie Frink

Stephanie Frink

"Reinvestment Partners was an absolute God-sent assistance program for my mortgage situation. I appreciate the professionalism and level of care from my counselor, Angella Coleman. She provided splendiferous one-on-one assistance each time through the process, until everything was finalized. She was thorough, communicated with clarity and never once made me feel less than a human. Ms. Coleman's confidentiality and sincere professionalism is commendable. I have no problem referring [Reinvestment Partners] as a resource of assistance to any struggling home owner. May God bless you all abundantly for serving as a beacon of hope and happiness to anyone in need."