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What We Do

WiseWage, a new project of Reinvestment Partners and BankingUp, is a new service that connects unbanked workers to best-in-class bank accounts that can accept direct deposit. Learn more by visiting WiseWage's website.

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Get Paid with Direct Deposit

Workers can use any of the prepaid debit cards offered at WiseWage to receive their pay by direct deposit. Because check cashers commonly charge 3% of the face value of a check to cash it, workers can spend hundreds of dollars per year simply to convert their paycheck to cash.

By eliminating check cashing fees, WiseWage can provide you a yearly savings of over $700.*

And that could buy you a lot, such as:

Prepaid Debit Cards – Convenient & Safe

Why should a worker sign up for a card at WiseWage?

  • WiseWage offers a selection of safe accounts. WiseWage accounts will never charge an overdraft fee.
  • Your funds are FDIC-insured and provide safeguards against fraud.
  • There are no maintenance fees for accounts that receive wages by direct deposit.
  • Accounts are mobile-friendly.
  • You can set aside some of you funds for savings. is the only site that provides the CFPB’s Short Form Disclosure Page. WiseWage makes it easier for you to comparison shop with the knowledge that you’re making an informed decision.

Easy Setup – How to Get a Prepaid Debit Card Account