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Photo of a fountain pen laying on a piece of paper with three lines of script. The pen is gold and black, is approximately centered, and points down and to the left. The script is to the left of the pen.

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October Homebuyer Class Grads

October Homebuyer Class Grads

"Thank you for hosting such a useful workshop. Together with all the participants, presenters, and staff from Reinvestment Partners, it's a great community to learn about homeownership."

"Great class. Learned a lot. Great environment! Would recommend to others!"

"Really enjoyed the class and all that I learned. [It] will help me to be knowledgeable more about when it comes to the process and laws of buying a home."

"Excellent class, excellent presenters!"

"Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and caring. It's is good to know there are kind souls to help us navigate this cold, capitalistic labyrinth. Very useful and informative."