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Bull City Bucks - How It All Works

Local Services

Bull City Bucks helps make healthy foods more affordable for SNAP recipients in Durham, who have diet-related chronic illnesses.

Bull City Bucks are earned by using your EBT card in conjunction with your MVP card at a Food Lion store in Durham County. You'll get $40 get added to your MVP customer loyalty card upon your first SNAP purchase of the month at Food Lion. Bull City Bucks are automatically used to pay for eligible fruits and vegetables during your next shopping trips at Food Lion.

To participate in Bull City Bucks, you must:
  • Be an active SNAP beneficiary.

    To find out whether you’re eligible and to enroll in the program, visit the Durham Department of Social Services or click here.

  • Be a patient at a participating health center or clinic in Durham County.

    Participating Health Centers:

    Duke Community Health's Benefits Enrollment Center
    Duke Outpatient Clinic
    Lincoln Community Health Center (Main)
    Lincoln Community Health Center (Early Intervention Clinic)
    Senior PharmAssist

  • Have a Food Lion MVP customer loyalty account.

    If you don’t have an MVP account, you can sign up here.

After enrolling into Bull City Bucks through a health center or clinic, you can immediately begin earning and spending Bull City Bucks.

Earning Bull City Bucks is easy!

Simply shop at any of the 12 Food Lion stores in Durham County using both your SNAP EBT card and your Food Lion MVP card (or use your phone number at the check out register). $40 will be loaded onto your MVP card after the first time you use your EBT card along with your MVP card each month.

Spend Bull City Bucks

Spend Bull City Bucks by purchasing fresh or frozen fruits or vegetables without any added salt, sugar, or fat from any of the 12 participating Food Lion stores in Durham County. You will need to swipe your Food Lion MVP card or enter your phone number during the transaction. The Bull City Bucks you’ve earned will automatically be used to pay for fruits and vegetables.

The Bull City Bucks you earn will roll-over for two months starting at the beginning of the month after which the Bull City Bucks are earned. The number of Bull City Bucks you have left will be printed on the bottom of each receipt.

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