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The justices strike a blow against policing for profit.

Aggressive enforcement and costly new fees provide city with more revenue, largely at expense of the poor and minorities.

Josie and Clint talk with Sara Totonchi, the Executive Director of the Southern Center for Human Rights.

In many parts of America, like Corinth, Miss., judges are locking up defendants who can’t pay — sometimes for months at a time.

The group is part of an effort to make vehicle ticketing less unfair.


If you’ve committed a crime and are rich, you can pay court fees and cast a ballot. If you don’t have money, you might be left out of democracy.

Jail expenses for holding suspect cost seven times more than bond fee

District attorneys’ comments belie the true purpose of bail in New York and ignore the safety risks of jail itself.

Dirty little secret: Judges are signing arrest warrants for personal debt, including credit cards and mortgages.

The first state to abolish cash bail. Why are proponents so unhappy?